sexta-feira, 1 de julho de 2011

We are on a journey of discovery. We are all learning new things everyday as we connect to like minded people. We must keep on sharpening one another as iron sharpens iron. 
The bible says "If you don't sharpen your ax, it will be harder to use"...
We must be careful not to be stuck in the old environment of animal sacrifices and legalism, sitting in the seat of Moses. There is a better covenant available.
We find people spending time with religious practices, like the man on the pool of Bethesda. They don't look at Jesus. They don't care about the benefit that Jesus gave to the man. But they care about a religious practice. 
"It doesn't matter if you are circumcised or not. All that matters is that you are a new person". (Gál 6:15)
Jesus is more than a Saviour. He is King of all Kings. The new covenant is better than the old. The old is obsolete, dead. In the Healing School we also preach about the benefits of the new covenant.
The Jews hated Jesus because he healed on the Shabbat. They loved the Shabbat more than the healing of their brothers!! Today there are many people in the same way. They prefer the religiousness more than Jesus. Jesus was anointed to heal the blind, to deliver the lame and the oppressed and set captives free. The question we must ask is the same question Jesus asked the lame man "do you want to be made well?"
As Jesus ask "Do you want to be made well?", the religious and legalist ask "who healed on shabbat?"
This is the same problem we have today. There are 2 groups of people: one happy with the old order, a dying system and the other who have embraced the new covenant. The group of the old system, the religious, with the old wine and old content, and the group that received new things from Jesus. But instead of receive the new from Jesus, after all these years apostles are still struggling with this group. They even call themselves apostles but they sit in Moses seat.

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